Impact Giveback


Impact Giveback Campaigns

While we believe the most effective way to combat poverty is by creating dignified, sustainable jobs, we also provide supplemental financial donations to meet the extra needs of Artisan families and their communities. Noonday’s annual Impact Giveback Campaigns, part of the Flourishing World Initiative, raise funds for a specific country, partner, or cause through incentives designed to raise awareness about our collective impact.

Over $110,000 DONATED SINCE 2016

Each June, Noonday’s Ambassadors, Hostesses, and customers come together to raise awareness about our collective impact and provide additional funds for the selected Impact Giveback cause. The cause of each annual Impact Giveback Campaign is selected in accordance with our Artisan Partners, who are local to their communities and have the greatest understanding of its needs.

Gather for Global Good, Impact Giveback 2020

10% of all sales from Gather for Global Good Trunk Shows in June were designated to increase emergency funding for Artisan Businesses facing the global pandemic.


  • $2,000 to be used for financial relief for Artisan Partners in Guatemala
  • $2,720 to purchase food and household necessities for 70 Artisan families in Guatemala
  • $2,800 provided to supplement the income of 28 Artisans in India
  • $2,000 provided to supplement incomes for Artisans from two Artisan Businesses in Peru
  • $4,800 no-interest loan to cover 6 months of our Ugandan Artisan Partner’s workshop rent
  • $3,750 to help cover living costs and supplement Artisan income in India
  • $3,000 to purchase food and winter coats for Artisans in rural Peru
  • $3,000 to supplement Artisan income and support families in Ethiopia
  • $3,000 donated to an Artisan savings program to fund emergency needs in Haiti
  • $4,200 for food rations and health kits given to 200 families in India
  • $5,000 for food rations donated to Artisan families in Kenya
  • $4,200 to feed Artisan families in Uganda
  • $1,000 to help fund food, electricity, and other needs of 14 families in Guatemala
  • $1,000 to supplement funds for food, rent, and medical expenses in Kenya
  • $500 donation to meet household costs for our Artisan Partners in Ecuador
  • $800 to support 16 families with household costs in Rwanda
  • Two-year extension on a no-interest loan for an Artisan Partner in Peru
  • This page will be updated as funds are donated. Be sure to check back!

Noonday is committed to helping as many Artisans as possible. To do so, Artisan Partners have been asked to respond to a survey inquiring about their community’s needs and when assistance is needed. The funds raised will be used to provide additional support throughout 2020.

Past Impact Giveback Campaigns


GUATEMALA 2019: $20,000 RAISED

When the rental price of Ana’s workshop space was raised beyond what she could afford, she needed to find a way to make sure her business continued to flourish. Learn how Impact Guatemala Giveback helped fund a new workshop where no one could force her out.


ETHIOPIA 2018: $15,750 RAISED

The Impact Ethiopia Giveback campaign provided us with an additional avenue to address the educational, health, human rights, and community concerns of our Artisan Business Partners. Learn how we invested the funds raised.


HAITI 2017: $16,250 RAISED

After the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, Carmelle lost her land to gangsters who seized it in the wake of the disaster. Carmelle struggled to get back on her feet, but the Noonday community rallied to help raise enough to build her a new home. Read more about Impact Haiti Giveback’s beneficiaries.


UGANDA 2016: $32,000 RAISED

Our first Impact Giveback Campaign was focused in the home country of our first Artisan Business Partners. Funds were raised to provide water filters, daycare improvements, a new library, and financial support for a life-saving surgery. Learn more about our donations in Uganda.